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Finally! A new visor option! These are the same as the other option but NOW FEATURING - NO BEND!

Why? Some applications require a flat visor so this will be a direct fit for those.

OR as many of you already have. You can heat these up with a heat gun and reshape them to fit your application!

These mirror visors are made in house by a friend in Portland OR. They are cnc laser cut from 3mm thick acrylic(plastic) sheet. 3 strips of 3M VHB double stick are included with this kit. They can be applied right away if you application requires no shaping or they can be applied after you have heated and shaped your visor to fir your mirrors.


We recommend a heat gun be used to heat the visors. It will take roughly 1-3 minutes depending on your setup to get the visor to the appropriate heat. You want to bend the visor easily. If you feel like you are forcing the plastic it is not hot enough and you are risking breaking it.How do I heat & re-shape these visors?