Air Cup Systems - Front + Rear Kit - TSD X Stance Parts

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Air Cup Systems - Front + Rear Kit - TSD X Stance Parts

We partnered with Stance Parts to provide the best bolt on Lift kit for our TSD coilovers!

How does it work?

It basically is an air cylinder on top of your coilover. Normally you will drive low, whenever you need to pass an obstacle you can apply pressure to the cups and it will raise your car with 50mm.

Max speed while driving pressurized is 60 kmh / 40mph
You can drive pressurised (lifted) for a longer time, for example on bad roads, but the system is not designed to drive it constantly pressurized.

Make sure you have enough clearance around the coilovers, the air cups are 120mm in diameter, the fitting is 17mm. (110mm air cups available on request)
- We will not refund if you have not checked. Alternatively ask us and we can confirm if we have supplied for your model before.

Instant lift due to the 2 gallon tank.
This kit includes everything you need to install the air cup lift system:
• 4 air cups
• 12 meters airline
• 3 t-splitters
• 2x 12v 3-way valve
• Pre-wired 16mm LED switch (1 switch, operate front + rear at the same time)
• Complete VIAIR compressor kit with 2 gallon tank.
• Connecting material

2 year warranty on the air cups.
1 year warranty on the compressor setup, covered by the manufacturer: VIAIR.

Follow this link for a fitment guide - CLICK HERE

When installing on TSD Coilovers - we will supply TSD Keeper Springs free off charge with every set of Air cups sold. (we do require proof these are installed in your car)

** 2 week lead time on all kits as these are custom drilled to our specifications on order

Max total car weight: 2000 kg / 4400 lbs
(Limited for 40- 45mm cups: 1750 kg / 3850 lbs)