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MaxxECU Street Kit

Internal wideband
4bar Map sensor
8MB memory for up to 1000Hz internal logging
140x134x42mm (including mounting points, excluding connector)
Aluminium casing weighing 520g
Wired Outputs

6x injectors outputs. High impedance only
6x ignition outputs. 5V signal to drive ignition modules, CDI units or coils
4x outputs for extra features. Can be used to control virtually anything. Fuel pumps, idle control, boost solenoids, nitrous, shift lights, fans, warning lights, etc. GPO 1-3 (2A), GPO 8 (5A)
Wired Inputs

We have a huge selection of everything Engine Management related.
Big brands including Link ECU, Motec & Maxx ECU.
Between the 3 companies we have 100s of parts ready to go to suit your ride!

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Silvia, Skyline, RX7, RX8, MX5, Evo 1-10, Supra, GT86, WRX
SR20, RB20, RB25, RB26 RB30, 13B 4G63, 2JZ 2JZGTE 1JZ 1JZGTE