Work Emotion Kiwami (ENQUIRE ONLY)

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The WORK Wheels Emotion CR Ultimate ("Kiwami") is the latest addition to the WORK Wheels Emotion lineup.  Inspired by the classic Emotion CR design, it utilizes the latest in WORK Wheels Flowforming Technology (WFT) for a lighter and stronger wheel. This WORK Emotion CR Ultimate utlizes WORK Flowforming Technology. The key benefit for flow forming is able to reduce the barrel thickness, thus reducing the weight of the wheel without compromising the strength of the rim barrel.  The CR Ultimate is a good choice for motorsports racing use and/or general street use.                                              

Unlike our competitors' flow forming wheels,  WORK flow forming wheels start with low-pressure cast construction, whereas some of our competitors use lower quality gravity casting. Low-pressure cast construction has a denser material property over gravity cast wheels, thus allowing a greater strength advantage over gravity cast with flow-forming barrel.                                       

Depending on size and offset, the Emotion CR Ultimate is available with flat face, semi-concave, or deep concave face